A ground for Indian history – Agra City

People from or around India love to tour the country because it is has everything that the person wishes to visit in his vacation. You will get to learn about Indian history, will get to ancient see ancient monuments and forts and get to enjoy the nightlife in the metro cities.

If you wish to know the Indian history in the detailed version then you should surely visit the famous tourist destination of the country and that is the Agra city. Agra is located in north India in the states of Uttar Pradesh.

If you are in Delhi or nearby Delhi then it is easy to reach Agra as it is only 210 kilometers away and it takes only 4 hours for the journey. People can complete the tour of Agra in a day under same day Agra tour by car. The roadways journey in Agra city is very enthralling.

Agra is not a big city but it has everything that the person would need according to modern society. The city was established by various Mughal Emperors in ancient times. The Emperors used to build the city to some extent during their ruling period and the future emperor should continue the same. Every Mughal emperor used to add some interesting features in the establishment of the city according to their requirement and choice.


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The famous tourist destinations of Agra city are the Tajmahal, Agra Fort, and Baby Taj. Along with the monuments of the city, people can enjoy the local markets of the city. The market has a great influence of the Mughal culture you will get a lot many ancient things in the markets of Agra which you do not find in another city.

Talking about the tourist location of Agra, the first and famous that comes in the mind of the people is the white beauty that is the Tajmahal.  The entire monument is built with the white marbles and shines like a diamond when the sun rays fall on the walls. The beauty of the building is mesmerizing and it is because it was built with love by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan.

He constructed the monument in the loving memory of his youngest wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died while delivery his fourteenth child. The Tajmahal is considered to be the biggest mausoleum where people even offer prayers. The entire construction is above the grave of the king and queen.

The next destination for the discussion in Agra tours is the Agra Fort. It was like an office building for the Mughals because most of the important meetings were held here. The fort has chamber named Diwan-e-aam for the general people and Diwan-e-Khas for the important members of the Mughal court. The entire structure is made up of red sandstone and it got its name after Mughals shifted their capital from Delhi to Agra.

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The next destination for the visitor’s choice is the Baby Taj which is also known as Itmad-ud-daula. The structure is the replica of the main Tajmahal but was built before the same. The construction is similar and it is with the white marbles but in small size. It had its importance but lost the popularity after the main Taj mahal was built but people still wish to visit the destination.

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