Based on a True Story that I can’t be Pregnant by Dr. Dipan Samanta

Few months ago, I witnessed a case in our hospital. A mother with her daughter came. The daughter was 24 years old and was unmarried. I noticed the mother was too anxious about her daughter. When my senior doctor started counseling, the daughter was highly ashamed as she has done something very bad.

The mother anxiously told my senior doctor “I can’t even thought of this. My daughter can be so shameless.

How can we show our face to the neighbourhood? No one will marry her”.

At first, I and my senior doctor couldn’t understand what the mother is telling. Then we asked again and got to understand that the daughter is unmarried but still she got pregnant. The mother told that they used a home based pregnancy detection kit (pregnancy strip) and got positive test.

So, the next step what we do is to counsel the patient or in this case, the daughter. When we started counseling her, the daughter was repeatedly telling “I don’t know how this occurred. I know nothing about this. I have done nothing.” We and nurses comforts her.

One of the doctor suddenly told we should do one Sonography. And yes, we did USG on her. What we say is something like this…


We were amazed to see this. We can well understand it is not pregnancy and is a cyst. It is an ovarian cyst. Then what about the pregnancy kit test?

Yes, Kit test came positive due to high HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropins). This is secreted when a woman is pregnant. Based on this fact, the home based pregnancy kit test is made.

But HCG also increases in other conditions like molar pregnancy, choriocarcinoma of the uterus, pituitary disorders, ovarian cyst, etc.

So, basically, the woman knows the best what has happened? Or whether anything really happened or not. Ultra sonography should be done in this kind of contradictory cases.

I urge and emphasize the fact that before being afraid of the society and neighbors, you must have a USG check, inspite of the positive pregnancy test. This is not only a case we saw but also a basis of awareness.

If the woman in question, is not sure or deny the fact of getting pregnant, she must be checked not only in order to have her free from the social insult but also to diagnose the reality.

Because, if there is no pregnancy and there is high HCG, it shows there may be a serious condition. Rather the attention should be towards diagnosing the condition and starting the therapy as early as possible.

Therefore, be aware and pass this message to your friends so that, we can avoid any mishappenings like suicide, domestic violence, etc triggering from this issue.

If pregnancy occurs, the symptoms you may have at the earliest stage are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • frequent urination
  • breast tenderness

The above symptoms accompany the high HCG level which cannot be found in other condition. Rather, there is pain, bleeding, etc.

As many conditions have some similar features, the doctors generally advises USG Lower Abdomen to know the reality inside. Along with, Thyroid Function Tests are also ordered.

It is our failure that we, sometimes, cannot avoid the mishaps which occurred meaninglessly as many times, it can be seen, that was not pregnancy.

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