Best Travel Tips to Make You the World’s Savviest Traveler

Most people are not born as intelligent travelers. It’s something that only comes with the experience on the road. In the beginning, you make many travel mistakes. The ability to travel is a process that is born of lost buses, foolish behavior, lack of cultural awareness and innumerable tiny mistakes.

Then, one day, you will begin to move smoothly through the airports and integrate into new cultures like a fish in the water.

I want the process as speedy and help you to avoid the mistakes I have made, so I have put the giant list together on my best tips on travel that cover everything under the sun to help you reach your travel ninja potential.

Here are best travel tips to make you the worlds savviest traveler will save you money, sleep better, get off the busiest road, meet the locals and be a better traveler.


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1. Always pack a towel:

It is the key to galactic hitchhike success and common sense. You never know when you’ll need it, be it on the beach, at a picnic or just to dry off. While many hostels offer towels, you never know, and carrying a small towel will not add as much weight to your bag.

2. Read a history book:

You can not understand the present of a place if you do not know anything about its past. Read about the destinations you are visiting. It will give you a deeper understanding of this place that you have wanted to see for so long!

3. Buy a small backpack:

When you buy a small backpack, you will be forced to pack the light and avoid charging too much. Humans have a natural tendency to want to fill space, so if you pack little but have a lot of extra space in your bag, you end up going.

4. Light package:

It is okay to wear the same shirt a few days in a row. Grab half the clothes you think you’ll need … you will not need as much as you think. Write a list of essentials, cut it in half, and then pack that! Also, since you bought a small backpack as I said, you will not have much space for additional things anyway!

5. Bring an additional bank card and a credit card with you:

Disasters happen. It is always good to have a backup in case you are robbed or lose a card. You do not want to stay in a new place without having access to your funds. Once I had a duplicate card and a freeze put in it. I could not use it for the rest of my trip.

I was very happy to have an extra and not like my friend, who did not do it and they forced me to borrow money all the time.

6. Travel alone at least once:

Traveling alone taught me to stand up for myself, talk to people and easily handle unfamiliar situations. He made me feel comfortable with myself, helped me learn what I am capable of and allowed me to be super selfish and do what I want.

It may take a while to get used to it if you have never done it before, but do it at least once. Feel uncomfortable and be surprised. You will learn valuable life skills when you try hard!

7. Do not be afraid to use a map:

Looking like a tourist is not as bad as getting lost and ending up in the wrong neighborhood. Do not be afraid to use a map or ask for directions and look like a tourist. After all, you are one! I always use a map when I travel. It helps you get where you need to go!

8. But do not be afraid to lose yourself on purpose:

Wandering aimlessly through a new city is a good way to get to know it, get away from the beaten track and get away from tourists. You may be surprised by the hidden gems you find. I like to walk and try to find my way without using Google Maps!

9. Always visit the local tourist office:

They know everything that happens in the city. They can indicate free activities, special events during your stay and everything in between. They even offer discounts on attractions and transportation. It is your job to help him experience destiny better.

It’s amazing how many travelers skip this when they visit somewhere, but as an expert traveler, they know how to use this resource! This is probably one of the most underutilized travel tips in the world. Use the tourist table! Save money!

10. Take photos of your luggage and clothes:

If you lose your bag, this will help you identify it more easily and speed up the process of reimbursing your travel insurance.

11. Get good shoes:

You walk a lot when you travel. Do not hit your feet. Love them as much as they love you, and they will take you to incredible places.

There you go! My travel tips! Follow them and you will be the best traveler you can in no time.

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