Colour Psychology


With all their various shades, colours add more beauty to the world. But, their purpose is far more than just that. Do you know that colours can actually inculcate different emotions in your mind?

It might sound a little unnatural, but it is true & the thorough study of colours & their effects on our brain is considered under Colour psychology.

Now, as a marketer, you can use Colour Psychology to your benefit, if you understand How colours affect your logo? After all, your logo is the face of your brand & it should be perfect in regard to your business.

When choosing the right colour for your brand logo, you need to know what each of these colours means & which will be right according to your brand’s niche & personality.

Your logo’s purpose is not just to look good, but also to convey your brand’s ideology clearly to your target audience.

In this infograophics you will find how colours affect your logo? Here are mentioned the colours with it’s psychology.

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