Digital Marketing For Developers – Everything You Need To Know

The wide accessibility of the internet and the advent of smartphones have made digital marketing a booming sector in the past couple of decades. Experts predict that this sector would offer a lot of opportunities in the upcoming years.

Hence, anyone trying to utilize these fortunes needs to equip themselves with certain valuable skills.

Digital marketing is generally, setting up a website for your product or service and sell it via the internet. Does that mean if you are a developer, you could flourish in this field? The answer in temptingly “no”. Only being a geek and genius in coding and web development mostly does not help.

You could construct your website in a very attractive and mesmerizing way, but how would anyone know it is attractive if none is aware of its existence. Only when people are aware of your site, they would click into it, which is only halfway through the process.

After they get into your online store, there are many tactics you would have to deploy to convert the visitors into customers.

Therefore, apart from the technical skills, you would need several non-technical skills to develop your business. Combining coding skills with online marketing skills offers a great career in the long run.

Here are few such soft-skills that you need to embrace with to tap the potentials of digital marketing.



The NO.1 skill to crack the code of digital marketing is communication. It is mandatory to have a good command over the language. Communication could take place in the form of text, images, and videos.

This would help the visitors understand your product or service, the policies, etc. before becoming a customer. Trust is built only when people understand each other, and for understanding, communication is necessary.



Many online stores on the internet cater to the needs of the people. The huge competition and the existence of many established websites might make it difficult for your store to stand out.

Hence, for people to approach your website and purchase, your product should be unique. Further, if the product you sell were only available in your store, then people would eventually buy from you.

Therefore, creativity plays a major role in digital marketing.



Content plays an important role in bringing visitors to your website. Content may include copy writing, photos and videos. The more informative and attractive the content, the more the number of visitors. One of the ways to do it is by using SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a wide and dense spectrum in the world of internet. In general, it is optimizing your website to rank it higher in the user search results and garner more visitors.

“Search result ranking” depends on various factors such as keywords, worth of the content, and time spent by users in that particular webpage. Hence, it is essential to understand and employ SEO efficiently.

Promotion And Offerings

By the end of 2019, it is estimated that there would be 2.77 billion social media users around the world. On average, every individual spends about 136 minutes on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Hence, promoting your store and product via social media is important. In addition, providing various offers for your products and services would attract more visitors.

Monitoring And Analysis


After deploying the website, it is highly needed to monitor the performance of your business. You would need to revise the purpose, goals, products and target audience based on the feedbacks.

These feedbacks could be availed from tools like “Google Search Console”. A quick analysis of the given data and prompt decisions determine the success of your digital marketing campaign.


Nowadays people mostly browse through internet in their smartphones, accounting to about 70% of the internet users. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that your website is compatible with mobile phone and all browsers.

Therefore, non-technical skills paired with web development skills could make your world reel around fortunes. It would help you build your intellectual property portfolio and stable business.

Further, people who are looking for freelancing careers could earn attractively by spending less money and time. It is also helpful for those who are looking for jobs. It would be tempting for employers to hire you for your knowledge as a developer and dexterity in carrying out business operations.

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