DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – The Surprising Truth to Choose

In this article, we have to compare two web hosting services that are DomainRacer vs GoDaddy hosting which helps you to decide which web hosting company is most suitable for you and your needs.

Suppose you have the best features and content on your website but no one is visiting your website or maybe no one wants to waste their time on such futile activity.


Here the visibility of your website is to others depends on web hosting and also a web hosting company. Since a web hosting service plays an important role in the success of your website.

You must have to choose the right web hosting service provider to make sure that your website is available on every time to the internet.

Here DomainRacer and GoDaddy comparison both are the well-known and reliable to offer cheap web hosting plans in India in the market. Here we are going to compare and find out about this which is best for hosting for your website.

Pros and Cons of DomainRacer and GoDaddy

DomainRacer Hosting :-


  • Free Domain .in or .com with advanced plans
  • Website hosting unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth space
  • 20x Faster LiteSpeed tech
  • Free MySQL and email accounts
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Easy to use cPanel to manage your hosting
  • Very fast page loading time
  • 99% uptime guarantee on all plans
  • 24/7 Excellent customer support

 GoDaddy Hosting –


  • Lots of package options are available e.g. in the basic package category there are only three packages available.
  • Themes are available which is More than 1,000 themes
  • Basic packages with all Plugins which are available.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Unlimited websites and databases


  • When the package renews prices are high.
  • email account number are not shown on packages
  • WordPress setup can be quite a task.

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Customer Support of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy

If the company providing a great service and features to the users then to solve the issues or some technical problems then usually they have an expert team who always available to solve your questions and provide solutions about your problems.


Here the DomainRacer cheap kvm vps plans comes with a great support team that provides you the solutions if you ever need to contact them. Also, they provide 24/7 support via ticket, ticket, live chat, and phone call.

Which method you decide to contact DomainRacer for technical support or assistant then you can be certain that the technicians will respond to your needs fast and quickly.

Here are a good customer and technical support team.


GoDaddy, in this to handle the problems of their customers expertly is hard to decide which of these two web hosts has the best technical team that can support.

Here also you can get in touch with the technical team of GoDaddy by phone, live chat or ticket feature, etc. However, if you making a phone call for any problem and you need to speak to their technicians then you may face the call waiting for a minute before someone answers.

And this is quite depressing for the user. Except this GoDaddy provides you the good support.

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DomainRacer and GoDaddy – Security Service

If you are using your website for your personal use or business use then you have to give attention to your website security that is provided by your web hosting service provider.

Because lots of web hosting providers focus on their security in which they want to give their users at topmost security with a guarantee.

SSL certificate is some of the technologies is for ensuring that is their website is secure when they hosted online.

Here the DomainRacer provides SSL certificate to all users, therefore, your security is guaranteed as long as you have bought any plans from the DomainRacer same features in GoDaddy.

But they provide SSL certificates on business plans only and that is not an unlimited period depends upon the different plans offered by GoDaddy.

DomianRacer vs GoDaddy Customer Reviews

Whenever you looking for the best web hosting company then first you have to check the real DomainRacer vs GoDaddy customer’s reviews and ratings related to the different factors like pricing, features, support, and performance for both companies.

Here you can see most of the reviews are in DomainRacer side than GoDaddy. Also DomainRacer vs GoDaddy comparison via price, performance and features as shown below.

Who is Best DomainRacer or GoDaddy?

A customer always wants good web hosting services with great support and excellent hosting experience at an affordable price.

Here in between DomainRacer vs GoDaddy customers’ review DomainRacer review and performance is a better choice for customers so they always prefer DomainRacer than GoDaddy.

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Depends upon who is and for what you are looking for? Then by comparing these two services that are DomainRacer and GoDaddy hosting also by comparing DomainRacer vs GoDaddy customer review.

You can decide the best web hosting service providers for you. In DomainRacer it offers an affordable vps reseller whmcs plan with great features by using DomainRacer and GoDaddy payment gateways also it offers a faster loading speed as well as an easy to use interface with domain support.

Also here GoDaddy offers many plans which suit every budget to select by your own choice. So the costing of the plans is higher than DomainRacer.

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