Everything you Need to know about Internet Speed And How to Improve it?

While choosing the best broadband in Gurgaon, Internet speed is one of the most important having the optimum internet speed, not only ensures that you accomplish your tasks quickly, but it also allows you to connect with several devices at one point of time. Let us look at what exactly is internet speed and determine how much speed you may need.

What Exactly is Internet Speed?

When we say “Speed” of internet connection, we are talking about how much data can be transmitted with a single connection at one point in time. In simple words, speed refers to the bandwidth allocated to the users by the ISP. It is important for the users to know, how much speed they need and how much is getting through best broadband in Gurgaon, in order to determine the types of activities they can do. This also helps in determining, how many devices can be connected to the broadband connection at once.

How much internet speed do you need?

The answer varies from user to user. Requirement of the speed would depend on your usage type. For a student who needs the internet for studying through online documents and other student who needs to stream videos through internet will need different bandwidth, for sure. If we characterize the download speed according to the usage, it would more or less like this:

Browsing, emailing, using social media – 1 Mbps

Streaming online radio- 0.5 Mbps or less

VoIP calls – 0.5 or less

Student – 5 – 25 Mbps

Telecommuting – 5 – 25 Mbps

File downloading – 10 Mbps

Live Video Streaming OR On-Demand TV – More than 25 Mbps

Gaming – 10-25 Mbps

Information source (FCC)

Thus, according to your usage type, you can choose the right speed for your home connection.

Are you getting the speed committed by your ISP? 

Most users don’t get the speed they have chosen. But here, neither ISP nor the user is at fault. Usually, there are multiple factors that affect the speed of the internet connectivity. To figure out what speed are you getting through your connection, take an online speed test with a computer, which is connected to your broadband. There are many sites which allow you to take free speed test such as speedtest.net.

Once you have checked the speed and if it not optimal, you can take a few steps mentioned below to boost its speed.

  • Restart your router, every once in a while. It allows the router to clear up the data and refresh itself.
  • Clear up the cache memory and temporary internet files from computer and mobiles
  • Disconnect from the devices which are not frequently used. You can connect those devices as and when you need them such as Smart TV. No one watches the On-demand TV round the clock, right?
  • Ramp up your security to WPA2. This protects your internet connection from uninvited users.
  • Place the one antenna of your Wi-Fi router straight up and the other to the side.
  • Disable the auto-update option in your smartphones and laptops. Otherwise, the software and apps keep on updating in the background and affect the activity you are performing on your device.
  • Place your router at the place, where signals are strong. You can try putting the instrument at different places in your home and check.
  • Scan for viruses and malware. They certainly impact the speed of your connection.


No matter which of the best broadband in Gurgaon, you are having, you must get what you are paying for. What matters most is that you get the right speed of the internet through your connection. If you are not getting the right speed, talk to your ISP; and if they are still unable to fix the speed issue then it’s the time to switch to another reputed and reliable service provider.

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