Guest Post Sites List with High DA

Guest Post is one of the most accessible methods of attracting traffic, getting external links and such desirable high-quality content.

What are guest posts?

In the classic sense of promotion, these are materials or articles posted on third-party resources to get backlinks to the website or blog of the author. This promotion method has both advantages and disadvantages.


This is a mutually beneficial cooperation. You will receive an additional post about yourself, and the author will receive either mutual advertising or money.
Blog readers will learn about something new and useful.


Need to do regular guest posts. In turn, it can hit your wallet. But there is another way out: be friends with content makers.

Sometimes it is more useful to place the material in yourself than to give it to another.

What should be guest posts?

The material should be interesting . Followers best perceive useful articles and videos. Forget about the water. Let the material be less, but each letter is beneficial.

Subject posts should coincide with the theme of the resource. Agree, it will look stupid if you study abroad, and Oriflame jeans will appear in your blog.

Guest posts are adapted to the tone of voice resource. Do you take advertising from Click Click? There is clearly no talk of “dynamically developing companies” ( where they will generally go ). Create such content so that it becomes one with the blog material.

Content must be unique. Do not duplicate it on your site! Maximum – make a repost in social networks. It is not necessary to publish some old material as a guest post.

On average, the guest post is present from 1 to 3 links. If you agree on 1 – put it closer to the beginning. Otherwise, the reader may simply not reach it.

The owner of the blog can write a short review-impression, where he briefly talks about the author.

Before sending a guest post to a blogger for publication, be sure to organize and check it. Believe me, checking someone else’s text is the last thing a blogger wants to do. Prepare pictures and videos in advance so that they can be easily downloaded and inserted into the blog. Put a tag – you noticeably simplify the job of a blogger.

Why it is so important to post guest posts?

  • This will attract thematic traffic and interested visitors.
  • You will receive additional external links

List of High Quality Guest Post sites
Alexa 3621
Alexa 4453
Alexa 6237
Alexa 1497931
Alexa 16884
Alexa 10338
Alexa 5047
Alexa 20388
Alexa 66433
Alexa 89180
Alexa 434466
Alexa 242315
Alexa 96453
Alexa 597023
DA : 10
Alexa : 2070965
DA : 38
Alexa : 361908
DA : 28
Alexa : 1414723
DA : 13
Alexa : 2376844
DA : 10
Alexa : 1253269
DA : 34
Alexa : 318258
DA : 23
Alexa : 2197041
DA : 22
Alexa : 604682
DA : 12
Alexa : 5211596
DA : 10
Alexa : 10594041
DA : 20
Alexa : 1150093
DA : 27
Alexa : 559801
DA : 17
Alexa : 328925
DA : 9
Alexa : 491313

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