How to Maintain Wooden Floors?

The installation of real wood floors is one of the best ways to make space feel sophisticated and homely. Although a desirable edition to any home, the care and attention that wooden floors need means most people who desire wood flooring never go ahead and get them.

Although it is true that they require a higher level of care and attention than carpet, it is often still a lot less than you think.

If you have been considering wood floors, or have already had them for some years and feel you may have been somewhat neglecting them, then we have outlined some cleaning and maintenance guidelines for you to follow.

If you follow these tips for Maintain Wooden Floors, or even just one or two, then you are far more likely to get many years of enjoyment. You may need a reliable cleaning device like a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.


One of the best ways to preserve your floors is to use as many rugs as you can. This is especially true if you are planning on having wood floors in high traffic areas of your home, as they protect against some of the more common causes of damage such as pets and people’s shoes particularly high heels.

They are also useful to have around when you want to move any large pieces of furniture, if you turn the rug upside down and use it to drag the items across the floor, you eradicate the possibility of scratching or marking the floor with the furniture.

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Heavy furniture and furniture that you drag around can be murder on a wooden floor. The best way to prevent the furniture from leaving dents or scratches is to fix special furniture pads onto the legs of the items.

The pads reduce the friction and the chances of the furniture leaving any unsightly marks that may end up being impossible to fix.

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Stains and spills are an inevitable part of everyday life, in order to prevent them leaving any lasting damage is to deal with them as quickly as possible.

If you have a major spillage on your floor then the first thing to do is to soak most of it up with a clean towel or sponge, then apply some specialist cleaner.

Do not use ammonia or any really harsh cleaners as this will discolour the area and cause irreparable marks or damage.

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It is important to keep your wood flooring as dry as possible, as dampness can cause swelling and contracting that can lead to cracks forming.

Be careful when mopping not to allow too much water to get on the floor, as this can cause staining and warping of the wood.

If you live in a particularly damp or humid house then it may be worth investing in a thermo-hygrometer which can be used to maintain a constant level of humidity.

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Keeping your floors clean can seem like an endless task, but there are ways you can minimise dust and dirt accumulating on your wooden floors.

If you put mats at the entrances and exits of the rooms then they should serve to catch most of the dust and dirt. It is also recommended to vacuum your floors at least once a week, and mop around once a fortnight.

This will help keep everything in check and prevent too much build up forming on your floors, allowing you to notice stains much better and keep them looking attractive. Here is the list of top vacuums for hardwood floors.


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