Locust Attack Rajasthan: Crops in Jodhpur, Jaipur Damaged By Tiddi Dal attack

What is Locust?

Locusts are one of the most dangerous insects in the national economy. Pests from agriculture and wild crops are spread all over the earth. In ancient times, locust attacks not only destroyed crops but also caused hunger for the entire nation. A lonely person is completely harmless, but when it enters the ranks of a package, it is easy to destroy all the crops on its way.

Locust attack

About Locust Insects (Tiddi Dal)

Locusts are the herd insects of the true locust family. This large arthropod insect is part of the orthoptera suborder short-billed bird, and its size varies from 1 cm to 6 cm. Some people will reach 14 cm in length in rare cases. Women are significantly larger than men. In appearance, locusts are like grasshoppers. The color of Robinia pseudoacacia has a covering function, which may be different due to environmental factors.

Latest News

Swarms of locusts attacked Simandi village in Jodhpur, causing extensive crop losses for farmers.

On May 9, a group of locusts was found in Sirmandi village.

After being attacked by locusts in the Tanot district of the area, the Jaisalmer District Government notified the locust control department of the possible attacks in May.

Locusts are called “Tiddi Dal” in northern India and are a type of locust that usually move and destroy crops in large quantities. Earlier this year, locust attacks were reported in some areas of Rajasthan.


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