10 Pro Cleaning Tips for a Clean Home

Clean home is one of the most important perspective that has a great impact on the personality of the person. One must have to make the home clean if he/she wants that his/her personality looks good to others.

As there are 10 pro cleaning tips for making home clean but here we discuss some of them that how someone makes his/her home clean.

1. Make your Floor Clean

One of the most important tip for the clean look of your home is that make your floor clean. Because the clean floor gives a pleasant view to the eyes of the viewer. If there is a carpet on the floor use best vacuum cleaner to make it clean. Because the vacuum cleaner is very necessary for removing dust from the carpet.

2. Remove Hard Water Stains

The best way for removing the hard water stains on the appliances of home like steel sinks, is pour lemon juice on the surfaces of the appliances and wait for few minutes and then put warm water on it by this method it will become clean.

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3. Keep walls clean

Keeping walls clean is as important as cleaning floor is important. Dust your walls with an old towel or shirt which is not currently in your use it will be very effective way for making your walls clean. Doing this daily means that you have removed half of the dust from your home.

4. Use Foam Glass Cleaner

Foam glass cleaner is good choice for cleaning the mirrors because it’s very hard to clean streaky mirrors so foam glass cleaner is best choice for cleaning the streaky mirrors.

The mirror got easily clean and also it saves your time as you clean mirror with spray multiple times and your time is wasted in cleaning it multiple times.

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5. Make Light Plates Clean

If you have cleaned walls, ceilings, mirrors, floor and ignore the light plates your homedoesn’t give a clean look to you and others also.

If you clean the light switch plates this means that you have removed 20% of dust from your home.

Rest of the dust got removed by cleaning floor and walls and mirrors this means that your home got cleaned fully and it gives a pleasant look to you and others like your friends and relatives.

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6. Keep Home Appliances Clean

Keep your home appliances clean like toaster, kettle etc. Remove the bits of the food that are left on the mixers, dishwashers. Keeping them clean is also a good approach for making your kitchen clean.

7. Select Right Tools

It’s not necessary that you must have single cleaning specialty tools to make home professional level clean. A good vacuum that makes floor as well as carpet clean, the micro-fiber cloth which helps you in dusting and many other right tools which help you in keeping your house clean.

8. Use Patterns

It is the most important factor of cleaning home to follow a pattern if you are randomly doing this it will waste your time as well you get confuse that which part is done and which one is left.

If you are following pattern you will be sure that you have done with all.

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9. Remove label stickers

These are some labels on the appliances which are very annoying and cannot easily remove from appliances. Use warm water to remove them.

10. Keep Your Washroom Clean.

Keeping your washroom clean is also very necessary. Keep everything on a right place like tooth brush, shaver, soap and many other things it will give a good and a clean look to your washroom. Wash the floor of the washroom daily.

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