6 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Gateway Is Beneficial For Your Organization

Every organization requires a smart data solution which is ALL-IN-ONE so that it is easy for them to manage their workloads. The AWS storage gatewayis a hybrid cloud storage service which enables your on-premises applications to seamlessly use the AWS cloud storage.

This is the solution which is amazing in providing the services for backup, archiving, storage tiering, disaster recovery, data migration and cloud data processing.

It embarks number of reasons due to which you must incorporate Amazon storage gateway in your infrastructure.

Benefits of Amazon Storage Gateway

1. Seamless Integration:

No matter which gateway type you’re using, AWS gateway provides integration with your applications. Your applications don’t need to get ported to become cloud aware.

They just talk to standard storage in the way that they would if you were to go out and buy by physical storage infrastructure.

2. Low Latency Access:

All of the gateways provide that low latency access by keeping a cache of your data locally. You can figure how much data you want locally and how much you have cached there, based on your use case.

3. Durability, Cost and Elasticity:

All of the gateways are backed by any of their storage services.This gives you that durability, price point and the elasticity of cloud storage.

The tape gateway has no limit on the amount of storage. You can have volume gateways which allow upto 1 petabyte of data per gateway. You can obviously spin up multiple gateways.

With a file gateway you’re talking to s3, which gives you that virtually unlimited size of storage in history.

4. Efficient Data Transfer:

The gateway provides the efficient data transfers between the Gateway VM and the AWS endpoints.It increases the rate at which data is stored.

The data is stored faster. It limits the amount of bandwidth that you need in order to deploy the solution.

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5. Data Encryption:

Data is always encrypted. It uses server-side encryption by default you can’t turn it off and file gateway allows you to use KMS to do encryption with your own key.

6. Integrated with AWS:

It is fully integrated over a solution so you get all of the good monitoring,maintenance and management capabilities.

There are many cloud storage gateway which comes up with their own benefits. Amazon storage gateway has file level, volume and tape gateway which answer all of your storage needs. It allows you to handle your challenges in an efficient way.

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