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The beauty of infographics is, colorful, simple and easily understandable to the users.

Infographic Submission Guidelines

  • Title: 

It should be related to information and topics.

  • Description or Short Summary:

It should be unique (original) with at least 150 words and provide appropriate information about the infographics and topics. Do not use and submit any promotional language content. It will be rejected.

  • Infographic Size: 

The size of the infographic should be less than 5.Mb. The infographic should have good resolution and be optimized by reducing the size.

  • Not accepted:

We accept various categories as long as the infographic does not contain nudity, obscene language and/or is not racially motivated.

Please Note:

Please submit only if you have original content, and we will not approve your post unless you have unique (original) content. Please don’t waste our precious time. If you have original content (short summary), please submit it here