Vision Problems in Children – Warning Signs We Ignore

“It has been estimated that 60-80 percent children with learning difficulties have undiagnosed vision anomalies.”

All such children are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to social development and education but who’s to blame!

Although parents always take good care of their children, ignorance sometimes can make things worse especially when it comes to vision and overall eye health.

Too Many Vision Problems Are Undiagnosed – But Why?

The biggest reason most of the children eye problems are undiagnosed is that a child often don’t self-report and adults misjudge symptoms for learning disability.

When a child struggles with tasks that require the most active vision, parents and even teachers mightn’t realise the actual problem is with the eyes.

All the adults do is give these poor children a hard time by scolding them for lagging behind tasks and being less social thereby compromising a healthy personality development.

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Common Vision Problems in Children

Fewer or simply no comprehensive eye exams is another reason for undiagnosed vision anomalies in the children, especially for those who underwent treatment of retinopathy of prematurity Dubai.

It’s possible of the school nurse to check children vision only with a big alphabet chart but that’s no alternative to a comprehensive eye exam. What’s missing is;

  • Convergence Deficiency

A binocular eyesight anomaly in which a child bulges out the eye when looking at things up close thus making all such tasks difficult!

  • Astigmatism

Blurry vision caused by refractive inaccuracy however the effects can be subtle enough to go amiss under basic/simple screening. Leaving it untreated further leads to amblyopia!

  • Strabismus

Misaligned or crossed-eyes! Untreated strabismus also results in amblyopia but wearing specialised glasses; eye patch or doctor’s recommended surgery can definitely improve the situation.

  • Amblyopia OR Lazy Eyes

Fair vision in one eye while poor in another is caused by astigmatism. This is actually the difference between refractive errors of both the eyes that can also be due to crossed eyes. If left untreated unnecessarily, the anomaly can lead to permanent/irreversible loss of vision.

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Parents Beware

Some of the eye problems and their symptoms can be easily identified or observed such as frequent squinting, abnormal turning and other unusual movement.

If you’re a concerned parent, don’t delay a comprehensive eye exam especially if you notice;

  • Frequent rubbing or blinking
  • Avoid or struggle with activities that involve close monitoring
  • Frequent headaches
  • Attention Deficiency
  • Recurrent covering one eye
  • Tilting of the head to correct their gaze
  • Reading too close
  • Difficulty in memorising or recalling what has just been read
  • Misdirection while reading or performing any other vision related activities

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Schedule an Eye Exam Today

In case your child has already been treated for retinopathy of prematurity or any other vision/eye related issue, don’t ever delay scheduling a detailed exam if you notice returning vision problem.

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