What Are Biosafety Cabinets And Where To Buy Them?

What Are Biosafety Cabinets?

Biosafety cabinets, popularly known as microbiological safety cabinet or biological safety cabinet is a covered, aerated laboratory breathing space for securely functioning with resources tainted with pathogens which requires a distinct biosafety level.

Other types of biosafety cabinets are out there, varying in the field of bio-containment. They became commercially first in the year 1950.

What Is The Purpose Behind It?

The chief purpose of a biosafety cabinet is to guard the laboratory worker and the immediate surroundings of pathogens.

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Different Classes:

Biosafety cabinets have been classified under the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention into three classes.

Class I: These provide environmental and personnel protection but no product guard.

Class II: These provide two kinds of guard including both of the environment and the samples and comes in five different types.

Class III: These are usually installed only in the most containment laboratories and are particularly intended to work with BSL-4 pathogenic agents, giving maximum protection.

Where To Buy Them?

You can buy these cabinets online. Most of the online hardware website sells different types of biosafety cabinets. If you visit their official website you will come across a range of these cabinets in varying range. Another type of website that offers you the same service and offers the same products is a laboratory website.

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Some general websites also offers these products at quite a reasonable range giving the customers the opportunity an array of options to choose from. The price of these cabinets ranges somewhere between ₹60,000 and ₹2,00,000 depending on the type and class.

The Need For Its Maintenance And Service:

Biosafety cabinets are required to be maintained on a recurring schedule. Throughout the certification check, the filter and air flow capacities are demonstrated. The filters have a restricted duration.

They are determined by the quality of the air contained by the laboratory space and the number of aerosols and particles produced inside the work zone of biosafety cabinets. As these load of filters, the fan inside needs to do additional work to push or pull the equal volume of air via them.

The new kind of cabinets calculates the flow of air constantly and self recompense the performance of the fan to make sure that the constant volume of air passing through the cabinet and the filters.

If the flow goes down further the performance that has been desired out of it, there is a visual and an audio alarm that warns the operator.

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When it comes to changing the filter, those areas should be left to the trained professionals as the filter is possibly contaminated. This can be done in two ways, one of which is after the cabinet has been cleansed by using a bag out or bag in process, another way could be cleansing it using a gaseous process like the use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide or formaldehyde.

When the operator thinks about using a UV light, the lamp needs to be checked and then changed accordingly. The UV lights reduce in power over a certain period, which results in less disinfection of the operating area.

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