of "A Decade of the Waltons" This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I think that would be a really cool trip. We are currently watching Little House on the Prairie, another childhood fav of mine. Geni requires JavaScript! https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/earl-hamner-jr--53413.php Nancy Hamner (the baby of the family) was not allowed much independance. Doris, Marian, Audrey, The Hamner's in 1973 - From Left: Cliff (Jason), Nancy (Elizabeth), Audrey (Erin) James (Jim Bob), Doris "Mother" Hamner (Olivia), Tall, lean, fine-boned, red-headed (clockwise from upper right)

John Hankins Hankins is a retired camp ranger with the Boy Scouts of America who lives in Buckeye, West Virginia. He also wrote eight episodes for the CBS series ‘Gentle Ben’ (1967–1969) before writing ‘Heidi’ which was broadcast in November 1968 and earned him a ‘Writer's Guild Award’. Grandma Walton is actually a composite of both real grandmothers: Ora Lee Mann He eventually dropped some of his more colorful activities in favor of his wife's approval. I watched a few with my friends, but no one I knew was really into it at the time. On April 1, the real-life Jim-Bob– James E. Hamner– who lived most of his life in the family home in Schuyler, died in the arms of his sister Audrey.

(We were married in 85) My husband and Bunky were such good friends in fact, that we call my son “Bunky” as well. The beautiful mountains of Virginia and the creative work of Mr. Earl Hamner, Jr. Did you really need to ask? It was the one Earl Hamner and his brother’s and sisters grew up in. On Sundays after Doris had carted the children to church he could be found making his way down the same path towards the river for some fishing. CBS called us 'The Audrey Hankins was born as Audrey Jane Hamner.

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Relation: Name: Birth: Father: Earl Henry Hamner, Sr. It really is a small world . In March 1946, he left the army and returned to Virginia where he got a job in the country music radio station WMBG in Richmond as a trainee in the program department.

for the Hamner family.

I watch it still every day it’s one from 3-5. Posts: 1,323 . I went to Schuyler last May, It was wonderful. Paul and his wife, Etta, have two children, Paul Jr. and Doris. On 16 October 1954, he married Jane Martin and had two children with her: a son named Scott, born in 1956, and a daughter named Caroline, born in 1958. cousin Janet, sisters Nancy (Elizabeth),

Cool! Yes!! Thank you for that info. Clifton Hamner was the model for Jason. Born in: Schuyler, Virginia, United States, siblings: Audrey Hamner Hankins, Bill Hamner, Clifton Hamner, James Hamner, Marion Hamner Hawkins, Nancy Hamner Jamerson, Paul Hamner, education: University of Cincinnati, University of Richmond. He even became baptized and began to attend church.

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Earl Hamner Jr. (John-Boy), Marian (Mary Ellen), Paul (Ben), Bill is missing from this photo, Doris Hamner, Earl, his son Scott, Jane his wife and Caroline, Earl's daughter, A Visit with Doris Hamner in Schuyler, VA - 1973, Read a 1972 Los Angeles Times article about Earl Hamner and his family, Read a 1974 article about The Real Waltons, From the left: Brothers Bill (Ben), Paul (Ben), John Hankins Hankins is a retired camp ranger with the Boy Scouts of America who lives in Buckeye, West Virginia.

We’ll have to go see it if/when we ever get back east to visit family. Doris Hamner, Earl, his son Scott, Jane his wife and Caroline, Earl's daughter I have just watched The Pony Cart and it is so poignant where Martha Corinne tells Olivia that the sadness of growing old lies in the gradual loss of friends and kin.

Top row: Cliff, Chanel 295. Oh, wait it was a rhetorical question! I knew it was out there somewhere.

Audrey is the sister of Earl who, on the show was Erin Walton. The Walton’s kitchen picture is ‘kitchen porn’ for me.

What I would give for my Grandchildren to be raised on wholesome shows like The Waltons <3 Thanks for sharing .

And yes, I long for shows like these to “escape with” and feel good about watching with my kids–you definitely do not find them on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon shows! Audrey Hankins was born as Audrey Jane Hamner.

I will go to visit this museum next trip to my parents’ home in VA! Hamner, Marion Lee Hamner, William Harold Hamner, Jame Edmund Hamner, Hamner, Hamner, Source: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/2372235/person/24014362836, Source: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/2372235/person/6917793774, Schuyler, Nelson County, Virginia, United States, Staunton City, Virginia, United States of America. My husband and Audreys son, Jimmy Hankins (Whose nickname was “Bunky”) were best buddies! His family was involved in tobacco farming near James River, Virginia, until the 1900s before relocating to Schuyler, where his father worked in New Alberene Stone Company’s soapstone mine which closed during the Great Depression Era, forcing him to work as a machinist at the DuPont factory in Waynesboro which was 30 miles away from his home. My husband actually met Earl Hamner once when he came to visit the family and he went to school and talked to the class but this was before the show was on TV and Earl was an aspiring author. My MIL didn’t stay long on that visit! ...er, Marion Lee Hawkes (born Hamner), Willard Harold Hamner, James Edmund Hamner, Hamner, Johnson (born Ha... Earl Henry Hamner, Doris Marion Hamner (born Giannini), ...mner, Clifton Anderson. I watched the show when it was on the air, in fact am the same age as the actress that played Elizabeth and can remember every episode as well. My kid also watches a lot of PBS.

Now after going to the museum I have started watching all of the DVD’s and collecting my own Waltons stuff. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. They lived in Roanoke Virginia at that time. He was the oldest among eight children and had four brothers and three sisters, all redheads.

After debuting in 1972, it became one of the most popular TV shows of the 1970s. Virginia and reminisce about the last two-plus decades. I would love to visit here! A faithful friend as well as a brother." Born July 10th, 1923 Earl Hamner Jr. was the first child of Earl Sr. and Doris Hamner. Marian (Mary Ellen), brother James (Jim Bob), Audrey is the sister of Earl who, on the show was Erin Walton. He even became baptized and began to attend church. Audrey had 6 siblings: Nettie Stella Hamner, Mable V. Bond (born Hamner) and 4 other siblings. He died on March 24, 2016, due to bladder cancer, in Los Angeles, California, USA. I’ll have to check this out on my next visit. They need shows like that on today’s TV.

We watch the Waltons too on Hallmark. I have so may great memories of watching it when I was a kid! He died in 2016, in Los Angeles, California, due to bladder cancer.

I do know that his sister Marion and his brother Jim have both passed away. The Waltons first aired over twenty-five years ago and nothing has since been the same In March 1946, he left the army and attended Northwestern University. His mother -- Earl Hamner's sister -- lives in Vinton. Soon, he quit his job and moved to New York where he was hired by the NBC network as a radio writer.

Is it just me who is sad to read of their passing? I always loved the stories that involved the sister’s and their “memories” of former loves.

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Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Relation: Name: Birth: Father: Earl Henry Hamner, Sr. Such a great family show and we never get tired of it! IE” Butter churn, old wood stove, the red dishes in the kitchen, etc. - 7 Countries in 7 Days.

We went in his house! In 1971, ‘The Homecoming’ was broadcast by CBS as a Christmas special. i have never been to schuyler, va but would love to see hamner’s house n the church the family went to. Audrey Chidester Hankins is on Facebook.

My kids were not born yet. Back to Top. Remember the second hand washer that John boy bought for Olivia. They just don’t make shows like the Walton’s anymore. Even though the Hamner family home wasn’t as big as the Walton’s house on t.v., it was still cool to be able to peek in the rooms {the kitchen was my favorite} and to see how his family lived. I am on season 4 now as I am streaming them all from beginning to end.

I'm not sure about the other brothers though. The museum is broken up into 5 classrooms–each houses replicas of different aspects of the show:  John-Boy’s bedroom, Ike Godsey’s Store, the Walton’s Kitchen, their living room and a cute little gift shop. Hang out with Mavis & Lucy right in your Inbox! I'm not sure about the other brothers though. May you rest in peace and Goodnight…. Would you believe that I have never been to visit the Walton museum?

Sometimes when something is nearly in your backyard, you just take it for granted! Audrey Hamner Hankins is the sister of Earl Hamner, Jr. I would love to see that museum and see Earl Hamners house. That is my dream kitchen (except that I’d hide a microwave, food processor and Kitchen Aid mixer in there somewhere). When her tea supply ran short, her son Earl helped her with the tea budget, Schuyler, Virginia - The REAL Walton's Mountain.
He always had a keen interest in writing and at the age of six, he published his first poem in a local newspaper. He married Jane Martin in October 1954, and had two children with her. His brothers were Clifton Anderson, Paul Louis, Willard Harold, and James Edmund, and his sisters were Marion Lee, Audrey Jane, and Nancy Alice. Surviving members of the Hamner family Nov 3, 2012 10:01:21 GMT -5 . Giannini (1885-1962), and Susan Henry Spencer Hamner (1890-1963). . https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/earl-hamner-jr--53413.php, Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup, Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet. My mother in law tells the story of going over one afternoon to visit with Audrey and as my MIL went to sit on the couch Audrey announced that the boys had lost their pet snake somewhere in the house and that she wanted to let my MIL know so that if she saw it, they could catch it.
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