He would offer his opponents the right to use these girls for "any purpose" if they would forfeit the match to him. Wright was asked to return in 1997, with the original plans being for him to revive the Papa Shango character. [42] Wright attended the University of Nevada where he was an offensive tackle on the football team. "At that moment, what would turn out to be quite a colorful in-ring career began to blossom. [38] Two days later, Pimp Fatha defeated Heidenreich. [32] On the October 7, 2002 episode of Raw he made an appearance in a match between Jerry Lawler and his former Right To Censor teammate, Steven Richards in which the winner would get a night with the Godfather's ho's. [10] Shango was thrust into the spotlight almost immediately, running in on the Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice main event at WrestleMania VIII. That tension ensures The Godfather is much more than a page-turning blockbuster, though it has many of that genre’s virtues.

If we’re honest, we’ll admit that much of this enduring interest is attached to the film rather than the book. Anything at all.”. Wright's Papa Shango character was pilloried by fans, being voted the Worst Gimmick and the Most Embarrassing Wrestler in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards for 1992. The Godfather was scheduled to lose the title to Hart's character, "The Blue Blazer," that night. On a July 27 episode of Raw is War, Wright debuted his "Hoes", during a tag-match, with Nation member Mark Henry against the Legion of Doom. In June 2016, Wright appeared (as Papa Shango) on a season two episode of WWE Swerved on the WWE Network along with The Boogeyman, pranking people inside a shopping mall.
[citation needed] He became an immediate part of the stable's feud with The Undertaker, stealing the Undertaker's signature urn at April's WrestleMania XI then having it melted down and formed into a necklace,[16] only to lose it back to him at August's SummerSlam. Papa Shango, Kama, Kama Mustafa, The Godfather and The Goodfather) is one of those stories where fate played its hand.
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