There has never been a better time to build or upgrade a PC with your family ... Formatting (actually re-formatting) a solid state drive (SSD) is a quick and simple process to restore the drive to a clean state, similar to when the drive was new. Obviously, the SIZE column tells about usable storage space on the device. It makes no recommendations on where to mount more permanent storage, so you can choose whichever scheme you’d like. A partition on a hard drive is a sort of boundary on the device telling each filesystem what space it can occupy. The procedure can be used on any storage device, external or internal. Make sure you have backed up all files from the drive you want to format before reformatting the drive. Managing storage devices — whether they are internal hard drives, SSDs, PCIe SSDs, or external USB devices — is always a tricky task. ‘sda’, ‘sdb’, ‘sdc’ etc. The Extended 4 file system is the file system of choice for most Linux distributions for a reason. We can use any of these in this file. Right-click on the disk you’d like to format and select Format, 4. If you happen to use Gnome, then the Disks tool is quite useful. For instance, if you have a 4GB thumb drive, you can have a partition on that device taking up the entire drive (4GB), two partitions that each take 2GB (or 1 and 3, if you prefer), three of some variation of sizes, and so on. Doublecheck to make sure to add the block device you want to format; otherwise, parted will run on ‘sda’ or the drive where your OS is installed and you may end up with a broken system. Consider using more persistent disk identifiers like /dev/disk/by-uuid, /dev/disk/by-label, or /dev/disk/by-id.

Neither Crucial nor Micron Technology, Inc. is responsible for omissions or errors in typography or photography. Format a drive completely with a brand new partition table.
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