Is he a relation of the old Wilson and Horton of NZHerald fame I think? They don’t just hold the narrative, they create it. In a November editorial for The Lancet, editor Dr Richard Horton discusses the impact of Marxism on the health sector. If capitalism was crushed tomorrow, by Saturday the loudest noise in NZ would be rumbling tummies. That guy in the image could be called Crafar. It is just a way to be able to claim that they are keeping the poor old pensioner from getting cold in an incredibly inefficient way. With your attitude no wonder you’re a shit farmer – always moaning – I though the industry got rid of your type ages ago. A farmer and an aussie newspaper called her that so she’s a commie. The only reason I can see for making people apply is to give Robbo a chance to provide forms saying how kind the Labour Party are being to pensioners or alternatively having WINZ try and shame people into not applying. Horton said that it was good that marxist ideas are debated.

US election 2020: live count of the race to the White House and state-by-state breakdown of Senate r... Helen Clark red cards Eden Park's 'PR spin', Union Movement Calls For More Attention To Those Disproportionally Effected By COVID, Enough is enough: Why Ngāi Tahu is suing the Crown over its waterways, Supreme Court Delivers Judgement On Kim Dotcom, How rights keep our creators in the picture, Kim Dotcom can be extradited, Supreme Court rules.

It’s had a bad press in the neocon era. Jul 21, 2015 – The 16 dairy farms totalling 7885 hectares are the former Crafar family farms, bought controversially for $200 million in 2012.

The only thing we will end up with is foreign currency in overseas accounts. Why would we really want to export more that we import? Born in 1980, she’s really at the tail end of Gen X, as she had already come of age before the new millennium. ( Is it ... Review: Golden Boy is a sparkling light of New Zealand comedy, Hashtags may not be words, grammatically speaking, but they help spread a message, NZ fashion industry confronts culture of silence as fresh misconduct claims surface. Rangitata and the Future of the National Party. That’s a weird argument. And you could also ask importers, and the people who have to pay for imported goods what they think about it. Get out and enjoy yourself. Micky, to say the “Herald thinks” is an oxymoron. Me too. Black. Winston would have had nil power, and the majority votes would have been honoured. I think it suits you. The New Zealand media and the New Zealand public are still chattering about what Jacinda Ardern will do with her brand-spanking-new single party majority Government. I go along with that. Quick go and move your irrigator again lol. Are you simply saying that we don’t export as much as we import, which certainly is a reason for exporting more. So far, she has antagonised Australia, and is still doing so. The Herald isn’t does not suggest or think Ardern a Marxist – the article highlights an article in The Lancet that identifies her as such. You’ll be ok sport, the Hilton Presidential Suites are not all they’re cracked up to be hey.

Yes, I’d like to think that the one wealthy man would not step over a hungry kid on the jetty to take his executive staff fishing. I genuinely believe that we must be the change we wish to see in this world…. However when you ask “Does Murdoch still own The Lancet?” you are certainly claiming that he did own the Lancet at some point in the past.

Is this the beginning of MSM smearing of our PM? Or your grandmother. McCarthy-like the RW will use threats of communism to confuse the punters. “The next three years will be very challenging for New Zealand. The evidence that our Prime Minister wants to socialise the means of production?
3.2 billion images and 720,000 hours of video are shared online daily. Where Does the Media Stand on the Political Spectrum? So who is confused?

According to their interpretations, NZ was a Marxist state for 50 years (1935 – 1985) under both National and Labour governments. Also agree that she is too young to be PM. Do you qualify for National Super, and if so do you claim it. New Zealanders gave us a strong mandate to recover and rebuild from COVID-19, and we have formed a strong team to deliver. Over the past several months, the team at MyThinks have been involved in a vast insect training programme. Why waste millions on the application process? Or did you have to work hard to become it. “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”. The white knight that is Kiwi build is still years away if it actually ever fronts. Pot Spot the difference? I don’t actually remember National doing such a thing but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Comrade is a lovely way of greeting people. Did atomic bomb tests damage our upper atmosphere? They live only in a ficticious parallel ‘world.’ Can you sort real from fake? Just saying. A Leap Of Faith – In Labour's Direction Of Travel. Perhaps to allow those without the need to decline the offer….after all we’re all for freedom of choice are we not? Ministers of finance in left governments, from Michael Cullen in New Zealand to Gordon Brown in the UK, have almost always staked their reputations on “earning the trust” of the business community, thereby foregoing the possibility of implementing a left programme that would serve the interests of working people.

Grant Robinson needs to take heed. They would probably need the money the most. was anxious to protect.

It has Trump-like lip movements as it sucks up its fluffy bits of weed and other things it feeds on.

WHY? And some people make sense as Deputy ... With our own election behind us, we now await another election – one whose result will matter greatly to us but which will not necessarily go as smoothly or be as democratic as ours was.

Change it by deed poll. This week the National leader Judith Collins began one on one meetings with the carcass of the caucus. c) We have a majority coalition, I have never been particularly worried about communism because the concept is good.

It is the combination of wonder and the attendant desire, not to understand the entire cosmos, but to understand something of one’s own place in it. He stated “Cos I for one wouldn’t need that allowance”. Demand is far outstripping supply, it’s still a landlords market. Turns out a pandemic is a good time to be in the colouring-in business. My face is numb. National's health spokesman Jonathan Coleman brought up The Lancet editorial during Question Time today while asking about whether the Government would support a public-private partnership for building Dunedin Hospital. And a Rupert Murdoch publication The Australian is referred to with its headline in “Kiwis now led by a commie as Ardern attacks capitalism and embraces socialist roots.”. Written By: We’ve done well,[1] but we’re far from perfect. There seem to be only about 10,000 people in New Zealand who are not in the work force who have an income over about $98,000/year.

I can’t give you a good source for those numbers I’m afraid. I don’t think the NZ Herald has got the memo yet – there’s a new king in town and she often wears a dress. They are now the Daily Mail of NZ. Project a magnificent skyscraper being built on quicksands: while men are struggling upward to add the hundredth and two-hundredth stories, the tenth and twentieth are vanishing, sucked under by the muck.

As far as your comment about “plenty” of others, I doubt it. That describes the sort of person I would like as a politician. How sustainable is a six-green-star-rated building? For the Dotcom team, and especially for Kim and his family, it is a mixed bag. So you hate democracy as well as the legitimately elected and popular PM… yawn. Any decent critique of capitalism or the neoliberal crap we swim in daily, will use Marx’s ideas, because the dude was a goddamn genius. The less we can export, and the higher the price in foreign currency we can get for those exports the better off we will be. "More and more people, especially younger generations, believe that economies based only on free markets are not necessarily the best means to deliver fairer or healthier societies," Horton writes. Were the Prime Minister a Marxist she would not be the leader of the NZLP.
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