endobj 18 0 obj <> endobj 19 0 obj <>stream You can always add mushrooms or jalapeños. Chocolate cake with fudge-pecan icing & marshmallow drizzle.

?.��v��֎���eޥ��;��_���t�ߙ~��*���$��/�C�~ɤKQAci�e�6�ry�+��)Z��'U��+0��g ��\y�����%R.P����kJ�74@i�A#�Ԅ�%�l��*}�| �cG`5%��q Our People. We pour chili over our classic double meat to get things started. 0000032855 00000 n It doesn't get any better! We believe we have a very noble cause – Our Cause: At Jakes, we wake everyday ON FIRE to serve our guests the best damn old-fashioned burger on the planet. That’s the sound of Jakes bringing the heat!

0000001488 00000 n 2000 1074 Lincoln Ave … Log In. For all mail correspondence: 8140 Walnut Hill Ln. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for jakes restaurant and over 2,000,000 other foods at MyFitnessPal.com. Copyright 2020 Art & Jakes. 0000002237 00000 n

Served with Chipotle Ranch and Sriracha Ketchup 0000027011 00000 n Shredded sharp Cheddar cheese & chopped red onion, topped with Jakes Hickory Sauce. At Art & Jakes, we strive to give our customers the best dining experience.

0000063721 00000 n H���O��XF�}>��3�v��rh�A�B,Z z���)Ǿ~Ʒ�s4R�h޾u����U~}�}���6_�5��?ͷ���}�����m�����m���Ӯݷ����9^��������|h�˭���õ�����w_�r������?4���x�_��~�|��o���~s�����d�H�������m"���ti~u�����u���֖�p�_1������C{�������?�8}>��[����}���������������O�e{1~h����i�����ڋo�.�ŷ֟�W���κ�oí�^��Ϯ��>8_���:��M�� ���k>g�P���ͦ��f��k�i���c��d^�4W�N��|�yٕټ��lZsm6��2�\�Mۭͦ�V����K��_�������s6��2��W�M��ͦ��f�������ɼ�i2��9��W����*�y�ٴ��l�_e6�6��W�M�������n���=���Uf��j�i�ٴ��l��sV��4���%��Uf��j�i�ٴ��l�_m6��6��W�Q?�׾�_�b�Y�_e6�2��W���k?�_�j�/Y�����Uf��*�y�Y�_e6�2�����4�^��m�����ʾ�_��]���]�?ïf�Y�ڏ����vk���{�ض��_��ݟ�g�E�3� ό7�;3�0��x#�3�[̝y����Tg�w�;�~�3㝭Όw�<3> �����{���{9��#��Z�OByz����#�g)�>R�|�<8����G�c�����Y<4�Hyf����#�')>R�|dؾ��� +��������خ*�i��̻�����ă�*��䳏*�#��V)Gp%�0�R��J���2��Xi���o�_4��\ggp&�|��8�+�d�r�V���*�#��dV)Gp%��R��J��QeqW�

2000 o��o#��oIL�8�`�)�P�)�`�)�`�)�`B�P �1�`�)�`�)�P�)�`�)�`�)�P�)�`�)�`�1�`�Ix��}�IV~Kb2Ǒ��H���P�H���H���H���Ȑ�jP�����H���H���P�H���H���H���P�H���H������tH�l�[�H��[�9�$X��E�$T��E�$X��E�$X��E�$X�F�$T��E�$X��E�$X��E�$T��E�$X��E�$X��E�$T��E�$X��E�$X��E�$X�C�`{�"FR*�%1��H�U_�HBU(_�H�U_�H�U_�H�UadHB5(^�H�e_�H�U_�HBU(_�H�U_�H�U_�HBU(_�H�U_�H�U^�H�e:$� ��-R$�\~Kb2G������P������������ˆ�kP�H����������P�����������P���������H��˴H4�޷�H��8�����Oh�'tX,�4L�����K��N�J'���� �B%�P�X)1�,ۂ �HL&�ᲠYY�!I�5�u����������9RcGk~�������������������B����^0m]V!b��E�tE���E���E���E�C��@��"�߫+28�+2Rd���r��z�8{��u���g����1�����T���Ou��1�u��"j|6z[.ԏ��^���{V���t�I��w_M��լ\W{/b�ڸ�&F�o������^��l�M&I���s3��85Zn&����:�Љv�']O6�ɦ�m�3;�|�)�'V�V�ź{J�x�W���}>,��zS����3t�~�럯������D���K�]�d�n���m��:���G�f�f�����ޕ��w�ج�����dU{�&� �/����r�h~���GU�� �������F���~�P/�����^�[� 9���Su�������r�.��m�*�*%�W��6r�]�+C̈h~�B^e���j5y�Q�V�j�>���E��L�~~\to����d��������d>.����Ǻ�^o�o����Ɲ��.\���~�_!43ũ�EfO u�d�?����^��RP�5�j�TEw=[��Ku�����]ċ��[OБ�u�>�vԺ�vI;����K�0��f�۔nWlR�f���ݮ,���(X/�H�[4{�a�w�����h���6�,�߱����0�7�z���EI^�$&���j����[��N��>R�̉�׬��u3�U�ѕ�UÎ�����O��O��a5���q�a6�X.���NYR2�����y�fC�l�����=���Fr;��2����U��^�f�O�A[=/3��;�G:Bʍ-�c�g�w��7�>��@K���8Y�!�������*����mx����=do����Tcepյd�ǣ�΅����5��T���B����\li`��N��w�"�0��>�y�n܍���\��U�_�N�q����6�~�q��>M(h��ڛ�ϋR]�g�R��v/��6}w>_>�s;���/W��d�v%��pQ�^v��(ͤ���ᐷ�+���i��4�{vxe�r{���J�gOqy�M����׏��Zu��|Ե��f���6fX��fU{h�Ҭ���j����u���Don��m����0{���4�ެh>����]!��+�&q���_�O�ʕ�i2��u��t�j��0d��o�,v_c14x�8ㆸ����gw���a����}3X{@Rh_$ևP�fV�'c}O�ܑ�vZd����j��8���$}���W��z=�6��/;'��f�DV�%�ږn�z �A�o��h�aO6�����l�.��� 5�4p���QqL�5��6�(��3fnn9�S��ه�����К��O����s�7��i��ͤ�P�݈�����>��r�k8�y>��'o��� ] Served with grilled Texas toast & Jakes hand cut fries. From our locally sourced, never frozen 100% beef patties to our fresh daily baked buns, quality cheeses, toppings and sauces, Jakes sets the standard for the true old-fashioned burger. 12175 Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd. This hearty creation comes straight out of our kitchen into your belly. 0000032968 00000 n

©2019 JAKES BURGERS AND BEER | OLD FASHIONED SINCE 1985, A True Texas Tradition of Burgers and Beer since 1985. 0000000916 00000 n

All trademarks, copyright and other forms of intellectual property are property of their respective owners. Jakes Burger. STE. V)Gp%x�E�o�Z����B�.�E�ԭ��"i��& W�K��/�$\ _,I��X�p%�q$�F�I™�Œ�+�%�V�K��/�$\ _,I���X�p%|�$�J�I™B�.�E���OI��6I��X�h%}�$�J�bI•�Œ�+!�#�6�M΄/�$\ _,I���X�p%|�$�J�bI���Œ�+�% W�M���vq-����?%�2�$�J�"I•�E��+�$�W�I��0�$�H^,I�H�x%|�$�J�"I��E��+�$ W�I��/�$^ ^,I<3�$^��k�$]���uf�$\ _,I���X�p%|�$�J�bI•ƑDɋ& g�K��/�$ZI_,I��X�p%|�$�J�bI•�Œ�+��& g jakes nutrition facts and nutritional information. The Philly Burger borrows from an east coast classic to make a new favorite! Jakes brings you a combination of a classic Italian taste, and beefy American goodness. Est. trailer <]/Prev 93636>> startxref 0 %%EOF 39 0 obj <>stream We are open for patio dining, takeout & curbside pickup Monday-Tuesday 4-8pm, Wednesday-Saturday 12-8pm & Sunday 10am-8pm. Tel: (408) 720-8884» More, Enjoy a family night out, catch the latest sports on our large screen TVs or pick a booth in a quiet corner. jakes wayback-burgers nutrition facts and nutritional information. Inspired by our neighbors south of the border, this burger begins with the classic double meat that Jakes is famous for. Aloha! 2 Nutrition Facts ) s s m at ) ated at) ) ) ) ) ))) Garden Chicken Salad with Crispy Chicken - no dressing 287 440 220 25 7 0 75 930 31 3 4 25 Club Salad with Crispy Chicken - no dressing 308 540 300 33 10 0 …

1984 Add in our famous hand cut fries, our variety of chicken, veggie, turkey options, Kickin’ Chicken fried ribeye or chicken, signature salads, sandwiches and Chicago-style Hot Dawgs, hand-spun milkshakes, creative signature cocktails and one of the most extensive local and national beer selections in Dallas/Fort Worth and you have a dining experience like no other. My husband loves the giant tv, and the fact that they let you know what is going to be playing on the tv's next. As good as it gets - this southbay restaurant has provided customers with good food and good times for more that 14 years. Purchase your Art & Jakes gift card online today! Saturated -- g. Polyunsaturated -- g. Monounsaturated -- g. Trans -- g. Protein -- g. Sodium -- mg. Potassium -- mg. Cholesterol -- mg. Vitamin A -- %.

0000009364 00000 n ©2019 JAKES BURGERS AND BEER | OLD FASHIONED SINCE 1985, A True Texas Tradition of Burgers and Beer since 1985. » More, Good food, and plenty of it! 0000005145 00000 n Served with grilled Texas toast & Jakes hand cut fries. Nutritional Info. �����R ���F�����:=u������@��K4}As�n�ؠŨ!��c�p��U�щV�c9�*�%�u����@v�yvX� � ��H��n5��f� JW���;���~������~����KVM��8-�KA�╂i/K���^�mm"����hx���A_�� �6h�>R�4�!F�s��k$4��X.�kd0�?K{�κc" hLֺa�Hb#�: 36M�0�3�������]�)/�rD��u�`�㭖L�_!�t���T���:g��� �Ul�j��$t�@�� ,��[0ldI�G��c�bw�,6�T#���O�k�ƈ���{S!�Qk՜���ԃ:�.� �Q ��C���t�0 ��� endstream endobj 20 0 obj <>stream We combine our freshly ground beef with our sweet hickory sauce, top it with diced red onions, lettuce and pickles.

h�b``�f``������ǀ Note: Gift cards are NOT valid at the Georgia location.

Fresh double beef patties covered in hickory sauce and melted cheese, sitting on a bed of crisp lettuce, red onion and chipotle mayo and topped with 2 slices of kickin’ chicken fried bacon…oh yes, we did! We have many dishes in our menu from all over the world.

Mouth-watering, hearty portion of spicy hand breaded chicken fried ribeye steak with gravy. H��WK�\G��)���If2�c�Z�����W����ŗ2�uf=�f��x���.� {^k�c]��3㱯�KSG�Ƿ���yݰ�Y��-0s�x�cb���˱����XXn~��`WY=`�9e��LO��q3�?���>�ēh�C+v�5 (No Refills), Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade. 0000017333 00000 n Calories: 530 • Carbs: 29g • Fat: 27g • Protein: 41g. For the health and safety of our patrons and employees, we will be offering curbside pick-up service starting March 14. Melted Swiss over freshly sautéed mushrooms piled on top of our classic burger. These lightly battered green beans give a whole new meaning to “eating your vegetables”.

Red jalapeño pepper halves stuffed with tangy chili cream cheese in crunchy bread crumbs. 0000004630 00000 n Sign Up. Cheese, chili, onion & Jakes Hickory Sauce. You gotta try this one! Throw in jalapeño bacon and chipotle cheddar for a nice kick. We can’t forget the Fritos that give this offering and the traditional dish its name and its crunch.

We have many dishes in our menu from all over the world. 0000089138 00000 n A juicy grilled chicken breast chopped & served on mixed greens with Monterey Jack cheese, tomatoes & croutons. 1074 Lincoln Ave 1/4-lb. Grilled toast, salad dressing, lettuce & tomato. On top of our classic double meat, hatch green chiles, caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo finishes off this flavor packed burger. Everyone will surely find something they like from the variety of food we offer.

Hand-cut fries, freshly-baked buns and locally sourced, never-frozen meat make people happy!

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