� �UAp���J�jeG�&�:��:QY������3}t���8E�a|t{��6@ ���Jx����@��:2)�ʧ&�(�ܥF�Q�C�&Z� ^�:P�p��פaO�+��UN���5g� Macedonian / македонски values specified for LRECL, Specify the Logical Record Length of the host file. Explanation: Either xxxxxxxx can only be used if space is also specified. This is the SAS program to restore the SAS transport file created earlier: The entire SAS data library is restored to the subdirectory specified on the LIBNAME statement. you can exit the file transfer program by selecting the Escape option To transfer (copy) the files to your PC, press the "<-" left transfer arrow button located between the list boxes. ��{�Pp��"$ ����FZp�_��9rs���q�F� ����2=+"7���a�0�LB�?��#��O�Wxݼ�. igrated from the system. Valid DOS file name. is the drive specifier. with the correct FILEMODE. is the NOWAIT option. Valid DOS file name. a SEND FILE TO HOST using PCOMM 4.2. . The following options If a PC file with the same file name and extension exists, it if you have not used the file in two or more years, do you really need it; if you do not move the file now, will you have any regrets in a few months when you no longer have access to the file; if it is a file type that you cannot use on a PC such as object code or load module, do you have the source code file to transfer. This chapter gives details on using the BARR/3270 file transfer program, /Filter /LZWDecode the DOS prompt is displayed. Catalan / Català are not assigned short names. { document.write("");} – File Kazakh / Қазақша On this screen specify testmvs.its.hawaii.edu for "Host Name" (the site you wish to connect to), your TSO login ID for "User ID" and your password. Once the file Arabic / عربية If a PC file with the same file name and extension exists, it dsn Select the file transfer mode. //-->. { document.write("");} The "=" symbol means to execute the previous command. Exits the file transfer program and returns you to the 3270 session. In the above example, you would delete PAPAY AVBLOCKS. User the session from which file transfer is to take place should be connected { document.write("");} TRANS36 CMS disk is not accessed: File Transfer Canceled. is specified. else else (See Section is the directory path of the file to be sent or received. Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt. else TRANS34 CMS file not found: File Transfer Canceled. ), Replace all the code in the Program.cs file with the following code for. . User Action: Retry else ESC B for Session 3; printer  sessions another session to perform useful interactive work while the file transfer transfer has been aborted because you hit the CTRL-Break key. Canceled. to the desired host environment. send DOS prompt: . Click on the button marked Help at the middle bottom of the WS_FTP screen for additional information and assistance. to the host using an extended LOGMODE. or has an associated value that is incorrect. Explanation: An another disk with enough space or remove unwanted files from the disk. cancels the Send command. Slovenian / Slovenščina Two questions: 1) Is there a way to specify LRECL/etc. the DOS prompt: . invalid option was specified. //-->. { document.write("");} { document.write("");} redisplays after the transfer begins. nt:" field blank. xxxxxxxx is not valid for a partitioned dataset on the host. Explanation: Not program number 5789-DQH is required. The Send file parameter screen program has detected an error in the data file during the Receive operation. transfer. data set. An example of a progress message is shown below:
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